Ambassador Program (strategic)

Strategic and continuous campaigns over time in blogs and Social Networks

Servicios personalizados

Strategic and continuous campaigns over time in blogs and Social Networks with the aim of achieving a community involved with the brand, reputation, social conversation, prescription, recurrent sales, loyalty, engagement, etc.


  • Savings in costs and time multiplied over time
  • Qualitatively selected profiles for a long term bonding with the brand
  • Generation of quality contents by the ambassadors
  • Measurement and control of the impact of the published content (level of campaign, ambassador, audience, content)
  • Depending on the time, the active community multiplies as the actions are carried out by the ambassadors
  • The reach is multiplied as the amount of publications over time increases


  • Branded Content (content earned) / Content Marketing (paid content)
  • Amplification of Social Networks
  • Gamification
  • Social Reviews
  • Social CPC
  • Top eRP
  • Experiences / brand events